Introducing DashBox

Dash Media has developed DashBox Digital Coupon Kiosk. DashBox Digital Coupon Kiosk, offers retailers a way that delivers their Digital Discount Coupons to potential customers at retail mall locations. Our Digital Coupon DashBox Kiosk is a fully automated process that allows for retailers to create their own customized coupons and display those coupons on interactive touch-screens. Potential Customers can download retailer’s discounts and redeem the coupon at the retailer’s location.


Promote your brand and advertise your products with exciting video ads.


Attract more customers to your location by offering discount coupons.


Browse for discount coupons while shopping at a mall location. 

Trade Content For Customer Data

DashBox’s advertising platform offers retailers and advertisers a new way to reach their customers, and interact with potential customers that frequent mall locations. Our ad network is a perpetual branding solution that enables advertisers to reach customers with incredible precision. DashBox Digial Kiosks ad network uses analytic-driven technology to match discount coupon offers to consumers information that can provide advertisers, and retailers with analytical data to guide their marketing strategy for the best ROI,  improve loyalty and strengthen customer relationships through a solution that truly works.

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