Download unlimited digital discount coupons fast and easy at our DashBox Kiosk to get the latest deals from mall retailers.

Advertisers Benefits

Utilize digital advertising to promote your brand and products. 

Advertisers can project a modern sophisticated brand differentiation that adds to the consumers’ new shopping experience.

Take advantage of mall traffic to view your ads. 

Customers can quickly and effortlessly download and save coupons from the DashBox kiosk with it’s easy-to-use interface. 

Create discount coupons promoted by video advertising. 

Advertisers can easily and quickly create discount coupons while evading competitors’ tension to boost promotions. 


Retailers Benefits


Increase traffic to retail locations.

Retailers can drive more mall customers to their shops by providing them with onsite deals and discounts.

Promote your brand and coupons.

Retailers can effectively and continuously promote their brand and offer coupons beyond the confines of their store location. Advertising outside your retail location increases your mall foot print.

Analyze effectiveness of advertising & coupon offers.

Retailers can assess the effectiveness of their advertising and promotional campaigns from the data analytics generated from the DashBox Kiosk. This provides key information for retailers to perform the necessary adjustments to improve their communications strategy.

Consumers Benefits

Save money on purchases. 

Consumers are able to download available discount deals offered exactly at their shopping location.

Obtain & save discount coupons easily.

Customers can easily walk up to a DashBox Digital Kiosk and in a few seconds download available deals.

Get personalized promotions.

Consumers can view product advertisements that only interest them, along with mall information and entertainment on our large easy to view LCD screens.


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