We offer individuals and organizations a opportunity to join our DashBox Collocation Program and participate in our journey to establish a digital network of DashBox Digital Coupon Kiosks across the country.

DashBox Business Opportunities

DashBox Digital Coupon Kiosks offers everything a retail mall needs to generate awareness of their retail stores and the discount offers that are available.

DashBox offers members of our DashBox Collocation Program the ability to earn extra income from our a retail location to supplement their income. Our DashBox Digital Kiosk units are the right turn key solution for anyone seeking an exciting business opportunity.

We implement all aspects of the DashBox Digital Kiosk unit and provide you with the ease of knowing that you will receive monthly royalty payments by joining into a DashBox Collocation Program. With short turnaround times and no overhead costs, you can start building return on your membership fast. From start to finish, you’ll have the support of our industry sales and technical support staff. The DashBox Digital Coupon Kiosk team is here to help you in your new DashBox Digital Coupon Kiosk business opportunity.

Why Pursue a Membership with DashBox
Digital Coupon Kiosk?

Many of our members began their journey thinking about several business opportunities. They quickly learned that the cost-benefit analysis for other opportunities would not be suitable. With long hours, high overhead costs, and varying levels of support, purchasing a fast-food franchise, a car wash, or another type of business was not the right fit.

DashBox Collocation Program, on the other hand, offers scalability and a stable supplement income without any of the hassle of other business opportunities. We handle all aspects of the business and share in the revenue with our business opportunity members. Start your business on the side and see where your journey takes you.


Team up with a reputable organization


Dash Media has created an incredible retail addition to help retailers compete in the competitive market of commerce. From online to brick and mortar all businesses need marketing tools to help in the success of their business. DashBox Digital Coupon Kiosks offers retailers the tools. DashBox Digital Coupon Kiosks are placed in high traffic mall locations and allow retailers to create digital coupons that are displayed on our touchscreen kiosk units. 

Not only are the DashBox Digital Kiosk units equipped to provide discount coupons offering retails the opportunity to display their offerings outside of their retail location, but DashBox Digital Kiosk units also provide retailers the ability to display digital video advertisement on large LCD monitors to promote their brand and also their coupon offers.

We manage the full process

The DashBox Digital Coupon team manages all aspects of the business operations. We manage the sales of the advertising, technical aspects of our proprietary digital coupon software, maintenance and business operations. Our business opportunity partners just sit back and receive a monthly payout based on the location of the DashBox Digital Coupon Kiosk.

Become part of the team and enjoy the success that follows. Contact Us to receive an invitation to our online webinar presentation for a full overview of the DashBox Digital Coupon Kiosk Business Program.


Earn Income In Our Ever Expanding Network Of DashBox Digital Coupon Kiosks.

When you choose to join in DashBox Collocation Program, all you need to is make the decision to purchase a membership at a location in your region. As a new member of our Business Collocation program, you have the ability to build sustainable income that will serve you well for years to come. Give yourself the freedom and flexibility to live your best life with additional income from a small membership fee to partipate with DashBox Digital Coupons Kiosk.

Become part of the team and enjoy the success that follows.

Contact Us to receive an invitation to our online webinar presentation for a full overview of the DashBox Digital Coupon Kiosk Business Program.


How Can DashBox Kiosk Business Program Help Me Make Money?

New members approach DashBox with several questions. They wonder how much money they can make and if purchasing a membership in our  DashBox Collocation Program can become a full-time income opportunity. They wonder how the business works and if they will receive regular sustainable income 

If you join the DashBox Collocation Program, you will gain access to our network of experts and some of the best technology in the business.

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