Increase brand awareness by harnessing the vibrant digital marketing solutions for your business

1. Select Coupon/Ad

Customers are allowed to search and select a desired coupon or advertiser on the DASHBOX interactive touch screen. Simply click on the coupon or advertiser banner and proceed to the next step.

2. Register/Sign In

Customers will perform a quick registration to access and download product discount coupons. Just enter your email and zip code at the spaces provided.

3. Scan Coupon Code

Using your phone or any free QR reader, scan the discount coupon straight to your mobile phone.

4. Present Coupon While Shopping

Present the downloaded coupon to the Advertiser’s designated retail store and redeem the discount on your purchase.

5. Real-Time Customer Analytics

Merchants/ Advertisers can review their customer engagement analytics to better manager their future marketing and communication strategies. The DASHBOX Kiosks software provides real time analytics on customers who clicked, scanned and actually redeemed the Advertiser’s coupons.


Enjoy Your Purchase!

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